Welcome to Distribution 2000 and Starlite Services.  We are excited that you have come to visit with us.  If you are reading this you are one of the first of many professionals in the industry to experience the new look and feel of our latest web site launch just recently completed for us by the folks at TimeZoneOne.  They have offices here in Chicago and New Zealand and we hope you will agree do some pretty solid work with a great team with deep creative talents.  They are a bit of an eclectic group with a passion for helping us spread our message throughout various mediums but more specifically at this time out here on the world wide web.  It was important that they helped us to communicate our message permeating throughout the site that although we operate in some different spaces revolving largely around fast moving consumer packaged goods (i.e. food and beverage, health & beauty aid, housewares, eco/environmentally safe household products, etc.) we are great believers in the importance of fit, alignment and positioning.  When our capabilities fit tightly with the customer's requirements we as a 3PL will achieve high levels of performance and success and in the process hopefully delight our customers.

Also, please allow us the opportunity to share an update with you on our upcoming move.  We are on track to relocate our corporate location and consolidate our Bolingbrook campus into a new 470,000 square foot state of the art facility located in Romeoville beginning in but just a few short weeks.  We will initially be occupying half of this new building, which is just a couple miles away from our previous locations on Crossroads Parkway, and anticipate great advances in operational efficiencies with this cross docked facility.  It will have ample room to grow with new and expanded offices, a new design / layout and even some new technologies and equipment being employed.  We can't wait to get settled into our new facility and corporate headquarters and hope you will come take a tour of the operations and meet with our team the next time that you are in town.