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Distribution 2000 are the experts in storing, handling and transporting specialty foods and beverages.

Specialty food handling experts

At Distribution 2000, we focus on being specialty food and beverage producers' and distributors' first pick for storage, handling, order fulfillment, distribution and transport.

Our dedication to the detail of specialty food handling means that our state of the art warehouses serve a group of high profile brands in the specialty food market, including well known organic, gourmet and artisan foods. These high value brands use Distribution 2000 because our capabilities and services exactly fit their warehousing and distribution needs.

Offering our customers operational efficiencies is always flavor of the day

Because we concentrate so precisely on the niche specialty food market, we know it top to bottom. We offer our food customers significant benefits that a less specialized warehousing and distribution outfit simply cannot match. Our expertise in handling food products, our thorough understanding of the specialty food market, the buyers, the distribution chain, retailers and end consumers means our food customers enjoy considerable operational efficiencies.

We operate multi channel distribution arrangements for our wide customer network of specialty food distributors and regularly pick, pack and deliver goods for higher end specialty food retailers, main stream retailers and alternative channel retailers, like club stores.

Our food storage and handling capabilities

Distribution 2000 make it our mission to ensure that fine foods are handled, stored and shipped with the care and attention they deserve.

Our warehouse is a FDA registered, food grade facility, using strict FIFO procedures and leading edge proprietary Warehouse Management Systems. Our staff is exceptionally experienced in packing, storing and handling food and beverage products. We regularly handle a wide range of specialty foods, including gourmet, artisan, ethnic, kosher, vegetarian/vegan, gluten free, private label and natural health foods.

Certified organic food and product handlers

We specialize in organic food and product handling. We are an FDA registered food grade warehouse that is USDA National Organic Program (NOP) compliance audited by Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO). We are also a member of the Organic Trade Association. Organic foods are stored in optimum conditions to ensure the nutritional value of the food is not compromised and we avoid sanitizers, caustic solutions and fumigants to ensure organic integrity.

Your strategic partner for success

If success is about the company you keep, then your specialty food and beverage products will be in excellent company at Distribution 2000. Working with us, your brands will benefit from our deep expertise in your market.
Download UNFI’s letter to their speciality food suppliers about Distribution 2000 to read how a large national food distributor values our expertise.

To find out more about how we can help you, call Distribution 2000 at (630) 633 6100. Even better, come and visit us, meet our people see our great facilities, the specialty food and beverage brands we already work with and we can talk about how we can help get your products to market just as successfully.

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"Distribution 2000 has been a key component of our supply chain. Their capability as a third party storage facility, and their expertise as an internal / external consolidation point for our suppliers brings value and savings to our supply chain needs in the Midwest market."

Brian Garrity, UNFI - United Natural Foods, Inc., National Inbound Logistics Manager