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Distribution 2000 offer freight logistics and transport management, specializing in grocery distribution center deliveries.

Nationwide transportation

Starlite Services can handle all your freight and logistics requirements nationally.

We work with our commonly owned affiliate Distribution 2000, to offer a full range of transportation management services. Whether you wish to outsource your logistics and distribution in entirety, or simply arrange a one off shipment from our facilities, we can help you get your products to their destinations safely, swiftly and cost effectively.

We offer the following logistics services:

  • Inbound and outbound freight management, freight brokerage and freight forwarding
  • Distribution and pool distribution
  • Cross docking
  • Intermodal rail freight transportation
  • Freight consolidation, we can offer truckload and partial truckload services

We operate under Department of Transportation Authority, Distribution 2000 having Freight Forwarding Authority and Starlite Services having Brokerage Authority.

Food transport specialists

We focus on ensuring the food products we warehouse are transported with equal care. We offer temperature controlled, and refrigerated transport options. Food transport, logistics and distribution are one of our core areas of expertise.

Experts in 'by appointment' deliveries to grocery distribution centers

We know how time sensitive the food industry is and we specialize in fulfilling challenging 'by appointment' deliveries to grocery distribution centers.

Because we work so regularly with these major distribution centers, we know how to get the best results for them and for the food manufacturers who trust us to transport their products.

Contact Starlite Services for your freight and logistics requirements

One call to Starlite can cover all your logistics requirements,  from plant-to-plant raw material and  packaging transfers through to finished goods inbound deliveries to your storage warehouse and then on to your customer's grocery DC network nationwide.

For logistics rates and custom tailored transportation programs contact Judy Zerial.

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"Bear Naked partnered with Distribution 2000 to build out an enterprise fulfillment solution to service multiple trade channels. It allowed us to scale, while improving service levels to our customers. In addition, Distribution 2000’s experience of the natural/organic industry provided knowledge and synergies we utilized to drive down costs."

Brendan Synnott, Co-Founder & CEO Bear Naked