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Distribution 2000 has exceptional warehouse inventory accuracy and real time reporting.

Technologically accurate and responsive

Distribution 2000 has invested in technology to ensure we handle our customers' products as accurately, efficiently and securely as possible.

Real time inventory management

We have a 3PL Warehouse Management System (WMS) that processes orders, picks cases and reports on inventory to a high degree of accuracy.

We use real time integrated optical barcode scanners and an Oracle database to ensure our inventory is constantly updated in real time. Our inventory accuracy is 99.9%. We take great pride in this accuracy and in being able to account at all times, for every single one of our clients' products while they are in our care.

Integrated packaging, documentation and transportation management

Our warehouse management system also handles custom bar coding and label creation, automated packing lists, bills of lading and shipping labels and our integrated transportation management system ensures our  customers products are tracked accurately every step of the journey they take with Distribution 2000.

Secure and seamless information transfer

We have put a lot of effort into ensuring our information interfacing and electronic data interchange (EDI) with our customers is as efficient and user friendly as possible. As a result our transactions with our clients are virtually seamless.

We offer highly accurate and detailed real time reporting including item SKU and LOT inquiry, on demand inventory and status reports, and daily documentation in pdf format. Our secure customer web portal offers online inventory look up and reporting. Whatever your inventory reporting requirements, our team can work with you to ensure they are met as efficiently and conveniently as possible.

Exceptional security and back up protocol ensures your inventory data is safe with us

We take our data handling responsibilities as seriously as we take the proper storage of our customers' products.
Our servers are hosted offsite in a data center with redundant power and internet configurations which insure our customers against service disruptions, outages and lost data. All data in our Warehouse Management System is backed up off site at the end of each day.

Always looking to do things better for our customers

We never rest on our technological laurels. Our database and source code is maintained, enhanced and supported by Zethcon Corp. who have a skilled IT team and we have invested in a technology set up that is powerful, and flexible enough to continuously integrate improvements.  We are always out there looking to see if there are ways we can upgrade our system to make our service to our customers even better.


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"Annie’s has done business with Distribution 2000 for a number of years. As our business has grown significantly, they’ve grown as well and have invested in capabilities and process improvements with us as an active and engaged partner. They are very committed to both our short and long term success and this shows through in their effort, commitment, and passion for delivery of high quality of services to us and our customers."

John Foraker, CEO, Annie’s Inc.