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Distribution 2000 offer OTCO certified organic food and product storage and transport.

Certified to handle organic foods

At Distribution 2000, we excel in handling organic foods and products with the care and attention they deserve. Because specialty food handling is so core to our business we have put in place comprehensive measures to ensure the organic integrity of the products entrusted to our care. We have also sought third party certification to ensure our clients have peace of mind that we are implementing the very best in organic food and product handling practices.

USDA National Organic Program compliant

We are a USDA National Organic Program compliant warehouse (NOP). This means we strictly avoid using sanitizers, caustic solutions or fumigants to ensure organic integrity. All pest control is also independently carried out in accordance with USDA organic standards. OTCO certifying agents carry out regular onsite inspections to ensure we comply with USDA organic standards.

Click here to download our OTCO certification.

Oregon Tilth Certified

Distribution 2000 is  Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO). Oregon Tilth is an internationally recognized symbol of organic integrity that combines strict production standards, on-site inspections, and legally binding contracts to protect the producers and buyers of organic products. Oregon Tilth strive to ensure quality throughout an organic product's journey to the consumer and we are annually inspected by OTCO to ensure our facilities meet their high standards.

A member of the Organic Trade Association

We are also a member of the Organic Trade Association an established, recognized organic industry trade group. We value our membership highly as it allows us to constantly improve our practices and get inspired through meeting organic industry leaders and thinkers. Many of our customers are members too.

The natural choice for handling organic consumer packaged goods

Our food and beverage distribution expertise and sensitive organic practices also make Distribution 2000 a natural choice for storing and distributing consumer packaged goods, particularly organic and environmentally sensitive products. These products include organic and eco household products, health and beauty products, and recycled/ repurposed products.
Read more about our consumer product handling skills here.

In addition to our formal organic practices we also implement a number of sustainable business practices including energy efficient lighting, recycling and clean powered material handling equipment. Frankly though, we're just beginning our journey to a more sustainable way of working, and we are humbled by the inspirational efforts of some of our customers in this field. 
But it's something we know you are passionate about, so watch this space!

Come and see for yourself!

Don't just take our word for how good we are handling organics. Come and visit us, see our great facilities, and the specialty food brands and consumer products we already work with and talk about how we can help you with your products.

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"Bear Naked partnered with Distribution 2000 to build out an enterprise fulfillment solution to service multiple trade channels. It allowed us to scale, while improving service levels to our customers. In addition, Distribution 2000’s experience of the natural/organic industry provided knowledge and synergies we utilized to drive down costs."

Brendan Synnott, Co-Founder & CEO Bear Naked